10 Method to Get Free Xbox live code | free Xbox live trial

Are you seeking a free Xbox Live Code which works for all Xbox Gold membership?

Free Xbox live code:

Xbox Games has made it compulsory to purchase Xbox Gold Membership if you want to play an online battlefield like PUBG or Fortnite or HALO.

Xbox Gold Membership is compulsory for all games, which needs online playing. If you don’t have a Gold membership, then you can only play offline games.

This gives many users sleepless nights as they cannot afford the monthly or three-month Gold subscription and end up playing offline games.

So, for all those people who want to play online games with your friends and family members, you can check out this excellent article, which will give legit methods to get free Xbox Live Code for your Gaming console.

How much does Xbox Gold membership cost?

At present, there are three types of Xbox Gold Membership which users can opt for depending on their preferences. These are as follows

  • One-month Gold Membership cost $9.99
  • Three-month Gold membership cost $24.99
  • One-year Gold Membership cost $59.99

There are many online portals which also tend to sell these Gold Membership code for a discount. Online portals such as Amazon, cardpool, Giftcash are some of the websites which offer a discount on Xbox Gift card along with Xbox live code.

Free Xbox live codes no survey

There are many unknown methods by which you can get free Xbox Live code, no survey, but all these methods need time and effort.

You need to log in daily for these methods and get some task performed on these websites so that you will earn points or coins which can be redeemed after accumulating.

Check this excellent article for free Xbox gold codes.


There are many online fake websites which claim to provide free Xbox live trial, you can check them for authenticity. We recommend not to proceed with these online Scam websites which try to install any files or malicious codes into your PC.

You can also get freeXboxCodes in different ways if you follow these excellent methods given below.

How to get Xbox live for free

So, let’s drill down for 10 awesome methods to get Xbox live for free.

Method #1 New Xbox account & get 30days free Trial

Method #2 Connect Old Xbox Account with Gold Subscription

Method #3 One Console 03 Gold Account (tested method)

Method #4 Check Reddit Giveaway

Method #5 Get Xbox Gold Membership with New Games

Method #6 Get Xbox Gold Membership with Game Console

Method #7 GPT websites for Xbox Gift Card

Method #8 GPT Mobile Apps for Xbox Gift Card

Method #9 Join Survey Website for free

Method #10 Check Social media Giveaway


10 methods to get Xbox Gold live for free

Let’s dig on these top 10 methods to get free Xbox Gold membership free without doing any online survey or human verification.

Method #1 New Xbox account & get 30days free Trial

Many times, people ask this question how to get Xbox Live 1-month code or 1-month free Xbox live gold?

Well, today we are going to give a solution for Xbox live gold 1 month free, whenever you create a new account, you will get 30days free trial in your account when you opt for Gold membership.

How to get a free One-month Gold Membership with a new Xbox Account?

To get one-month free Gold membership trial for new Xbox account, you need to perform these steps

  1. Log into your Xbox or Microsoft Account and click on Subscription
  2. Now click on Gold membership, (select the 1-month free trial)
  3. Now click on next and give credit card details
  4. Add your valid address with is associated with credit card
  5. Now you need to follow the onscreen sign-up process to complete the Xbox gold trail registration
  6. After successful registration, check your account
  7. Your account must be now active with Gold Membership for one-month

Few Points to keep in mind while filling out the Trial subscription

  1. You can avail one gold membership trial with Gamertag
  2. You should put valid credit card for authentication
  3. You should valid address which is associated with your credit card
  4. Your location and country should match correctly to get a free trial
  5. You should cancel your free Gold Membership before the month gets expires


Method #2 Connect Old Xbox Account with Gold Subscription

If you have some old Xbox game console that has never been used for Xbox Gold subscription, then you can use these methods and get a free one-month trial. for this method, you need to make a new email account and start connecting with Gold membership by providing valid credit card details in it. You can enjoy a one-month free Xbox Gold membership account with this method.

Always remember to cancel the one-month trial before it gets expired so that you can avoid next month’s subscription.


Method #3 One Console 03 Gold Account (tested method)

This method works three times for one console, which means you can get a free 3-month Xbox Gold membership subscription using this method. You need to create three different email id to complete this method.

This method works when you complete your first month trial period, cancel your subscription, and log out from the Xbox account.

Now make a new email id and make a new account in your Xbox game console, use new credit card details, and apply for a free one-month trial for Xbox Gold membership. cancel this membership before it is going to expire.

Keep repeating this process; you can use this method for 03 times for one Xbox Gaming console.


Method #4 Check Reddit Giveaway

You must be knowing that Reddit is the home for huge active players, which always hold for Xbox giveaways for free Gold live codes. You can check all the categories of subreddit and get some free Xbox live giveaways.



Method #5 Get Xbox Gold Membership with New Games

There are many Xbox game title which provides you free 48 Gold membership to 30days free membership when you purchase these game title. You should always check these games on different portals before buying for free Complementary Xbox Gold Live trail code with games like FIFA, NHL, or Halo.


Method #6 Get Xbox Gold Membership with Game Console

If you are not the proud owner of the Xbox console or want to purchase a new Xbox console, then you should look for the different online websites for free Xbox Gold membership with the Game console. There are online retailers who bundle Xbox Gold membership with Xbox One console. Try to get these gaming console in the time of Black Friday or Cyber Monday, where you will get a huge discount and free Xbox membership.


Method #7 GPT websites for Xbox Gift Card

There is plenty of GPT website which provides gift cards when you complete certain tasks. These website works on the principle of getting PAID TO, which means you need to complete the certain task which will fetch you some points when these points get accumulated, you can exchange it for Xbox Gif Card.

GPT website is free to join, and they provide a small task which is easy to complete, some of the tasks which you need to complete are given below

  • Install the software in your PC or Smartphone
  • Install apps in your Smartphone
  • Give an opinion on new or old products
  • Fill out an email and send to the recipient
  • Complete small surveys
  • Purchase small items from the store


Method #8 GPT Mobile Apps for Xbox Gift Card

There are many GPT mobile apps that work on a points system and provides a legit gift card when you complete a certain task. You need to accumulate many points to get your dream Gift Card. When you get the Xbox Gift card, you can redeem that credit into your Xbox game account and then use that to get free Xbox Gold membership.

These are the GPT mobile apps that you can join to get Xbox Gift Card.

  • AppNana
  • CheckPoints
  • FreeMyapps
  • Gift wallet

Method #9 Join Survey Website for free

There are many online trusted Survey website which provides Digital Gift Card of your choice when you join them and start completing a small survey in them. Whenever you give out or complete any survey, you will be paid in terms of points or coins; these points, when get accumulated, will fetch your different gift cards include Xbox Gift cards. you can use Xbox Gift Card to redeem its credit to your Xbox account and get your Xbox Gold membership.

Some of the best survey websites are given below

  • Mysurvey
  • Tuluna survey
  • Panda research


Method #10 Check Social media Giveaway

There are many social media Giveaway similar to Reddit forum, which you need to join as these tend to give away Gold Membership for one-month to three-month. You can join these social media promotions on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest. All you need to do for participation is to share their promotion link to different social media platforms and comment on their stories or post.

Remember, by using your share and comment, they increase their reach and get huge customers and visitors free of cost for their product. Now, if they are giving away one or three-month free Xbox Gold membership, it is nothing in front of huge traffic they receive for hosting these types of the giveaway, so this is a win-win situation for both. 

Final words

So, these are 10 methods to get the Free Xbox live code. We recommend you check all these methods and especially method #3 which we have tested many times and get free 30-days Gold Membership Trial.

If you are looking for some legit ways to earn Xbox Gift Cards, then you can check method #7 , #8, and #9, which can enable you with a free Digital gift card, which can later be redeemed for Xbox Gold Membership.

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