Homescapes Cheat to Get Free Stars Coins Legally

Are you searching Homescapes Cheat to Get free Stars & Coins Legally?

Homescapes Cheat is legal when you use these methods to acquire free stars and coins.

As you know Homescapes game is developed by “Playrix” gaming company, which is also credited for creating Gardenscapes, Fishdom, Township, and Wildscapes.

You might be surprised to know that Homescapes has crossed more than $400 million marks in its first year.

With more than 100 million users online, you can now join Homescapes and start clearing all your levels.

Homescapes has two official currency

  • Homescapes Coins
  • Homescapes Stars

And one official health line known as hearts.

Now, you can use Homescapes official currency to purchase different game items and goodies to renovate Austin home.

Homescapes Stars are used to get different game items for the renovation of the Austin Home.

Homescapes Coins are used to purchase different game booster and game items which help you in clearing all difficult levels.

Some of the best features of Homescapes game are as follows

  • Easy graphics and easy to understand game
  • You need to clear 3-puzzle game to get coins and stars
  • Stars can be used to purchase home renovation items
  • Coins in Homescapes are used to purchase game boosters and items
  • A Brilliant combination of home renovation and 3-puzzle game
  • You can decorate the mansion according to your taste
  • Introduction of hearts which is your life in the game
  • You can exchange or get hearts from your online friends or team members
  • No tension of time limit, but there is restriction of moves
  • You need to complete the present level in the stipulated moves
  • You will be assisted with cute pets in your endeavor
  • Connect Homescapes account with Facebook to receive a huge bonus
  • Invite friends and receive free spins
  • Loved by all age groups


You can expect the following items when you use the Homescapes Cheat

  • Free Homescapes Coins
  • Free Homescapes Stars
  • Free Homescapes Hearts
  • Get knowledge about how to clear difficult levels using combos
  • Get free booster using tricks
  • Know all the possible method of clearing 3-puzzle game.

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We have summarized these top 08 Homescapes Cheat which will help you gain free Stars and coins legally.

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You can use this Homescapes Smartphone Glitch to get free Hearts which you can use to solve your difficult puzzle.

Steps to perform Homescapes Smartphone Glitch

  • Log out from Homescapes account
  • Now Reset your Smartphone date to one day forward and reboot
  • After that log into your Homescapes account
  • You will find fee gift and free Hearts (life) will be full in your account
  • Use this opportunity to solve your difficult Homescapes levels
  • Now Log out from your Homescapes game account
  • Make your data again to normal and reboot your Smartphone

You can use this method every day one time to get free hearts for your Homescapes game.



As soon as you are have started to play Homescapes, you should connect your account with Facebook to receive a huge bonus.

Some of the benefits of joining an account with Facebook is as follows

  • You will receive 1000 Homescapes Coins
  • You will get free spin along with coins when you join Facebook
  • You can join with family members and friends and can share stars
  • You can also save your progress and check the leaderboard
  • You can share your beautiful mansion picture with your family and friends
  • You can also join an active team or make your own team with your friends



As you all know, Homescapes game is developed by Playrix gaming company which also develop different games like Gardenscapes.

You can join all other games develop by Playrix gaming company to receive a huge bonus.

  • Check the icon present in your Dashboard to join different games
  • Games which you can join for the free bonus are
    • Gardenscapes
    • Township
    • Fishdom
    • Wildscapes
  • Receive a bonus like free Spins and Coins when you install it in your Smartphone
  • All the games are free to install and can be found in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.



Homescapes games offer daily rewards to users, such as boosters, coins, and Hearts.

If you are avid Homescapes games players, then you should consider logging in daily to receive game goodies.

Login daily also ensure these points

  • You will receive free game goodies like
    • Boosters
    • Coins
    • Hearts
    • Extra game moves
  • You will also know any news update
  • You can also check all your friend’s progress in the leaderboard
  • You can use the free Hearts which reset every day and give you free as a bonus
  • You will also get information about new events
  • You will also get information about the current winner and bonus regarding current events
  • Login daily also ensure, the safety of your Homescapes account



You can earn free stars and coins if you watch video ads in Homescapes game.

You can find a video advertisement in your “Daily To-Do List,” where you need to find watch a video icon.

Click on this video icon and start watching video ads and start receiving free stars and coins without any hassle.

All these video advertisements are of 30 to 40 seconds length, which you can spend easily to get free game goodies.



You can join events in Homescapes to earn free stars and coins.

All these events are free to play and need no special preparation; any one can participate and win these events.

You can receive these bonuses when you complete any events

  • You will receive free Homescapes Coins
  • You will receive free Homescapes Stars
  • You can also receive free Hearts
  • You can also receive free Boosters
  • You can also receive theme decoration items
  • Apart from this, you can also receive Homescapes boxes

Events in Homescapes has special meaning, and they start a new season or week, some of the names of events which Homescapes already conducted are

  • Furry tale events
  • Treasure Chest events
  • Star chest events
  • Happy time events
  • Williams Birthday events
  • Flint’s Adventures
  • Clouds events

Try to participate in any events and win these to receive a huge bonus or game goodies.

7 # Complete Your Level with Less Moves

Homescapes has some moves restriction in every match, now if you complete any level with fewer moves, you will receive a huge bonus.

Bonus depends on how much moves you left and how many boosters or combos can be made with these extra moves.

Homescapes game will decide the best move and will keep playing for the remaining moves which are left in the 3-puzzle board.

Whenever you finish any Homescapes levels, you will get 50 coins, and it will also add a bonus of the remaining moves.

So, if any games levels need 25 moves to finish and you have clear it with 20 moves, Homescapes will reward you with 05 remaining moves bonus.


Final words

So, these are the Homescapes Cheat to Get Free Stars Coins Legally; you can use all these methods to earn free stars and coins.

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